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This is information - trading system of "Helios" AD.
The company has the right at any time to change its contents and how to access the information in it, and to terminate its use in unauthorized access, improper actions and those of conflicting laws. Each registered user is bound by these terms and conditions for the duration of use of shop from initial entry to his departure.

Necessary conditions for an order:
A. Registration in the electronic catalog. / Recommended /
2. A valid email address.
3. Correctly completed shipping addresses and billing.
4. Correctly completed contact information.
5. Phone number for confirmation of the order

Activation of the order of a product is made by pressing the "Order".

Action is an expression that binds under contract with the client and "Helios" AD.

With your order, you will receive an order confirmation to your registered e-mail address. The administrator of the shop will contact you by phone to specify the time of delivery.

Users of the store may not:

A. To copy, distribute or use text, images or parts of the site without the explicit permission of "Helios" AD.

2. Use automated load (download) of any information

3. To overload the system with fake requests or other information (flood).

4. Users may not use the screenshot of the website without the explicit permission of "Helios" AD.

This online store contains links to other sites.
"Helios" AD. not responsible for their content.

A. The ordered goods are delivered to the delivery address.

2. When choosing a "delivery charge", the customer must pay for the goods receipt to the bearer.

3. The ordered goods are delivered properly packed according to its kind and uses modes of delivery.

4. If the customer does not provide for access and delivery of the goods at the address "Helios" AD.
is released from its obligation to perform the requested delivery.

5. Transport costs, unless expressly stated otherwise, shall be paid by the customer upon receipt of delivery, while the price of goods.

A. A customer ordered goods in online shop "Helios" AD. and received the same by post, courier or other form of transport is entitled to refuse to accept the contract or part thereof once it is delivered, only one of the following cases:

- To transport goods or its packaging is damaged;

- Is not met previously agreed delivery period;

- Goods supplied does not correspond to the ordered by the customer;

- Does not match the price offered;

- Under Article 69, paragraph 3 of ZZPPT;

- Returns on the above points are only at the time of delivery.

Apart from the foregoing cases, the customer may not refuse to accept and pay for ordered products.Otherwise he owes payment of costs incurred for delivery and return the goods to the supplier.

2. Upon receipt and payment of goods, the customer can advertise it, or wants it back, and reimbursement of its value in the following cases and deadlines:

2.1. If during its service failures have occurred, as provided garatsionni;

2.2. In the cases provided for in Article 69, para. 3 ZZPPT.

3. Returns are accepted as follows:

In 2.1 - within the period prescribed in the warranty card accompanying the product after completion of detailed claim form.

In 2.2 - within 7 days of receipt of goods provided they are mentioned in writing reasons for it and sign a declaration certifying that the product is in the form it was received without having been used and isundamaged original packaging.

Transport costs in item 3 shall be borne by the customer.

Supplies, accessories and spare parts are not subject to warranty claims. Guarantee them lies only in the event that they are deployed in systems repaired by the repairer of the supplier.

4. When delivered goods is offered by the manufacturer / importer and its customer is regularly supplied with warranty card showing the addresses and telephone numbers of warranty service, he turned directly to those service stations or stations.


"Helios" AD. not be liable:

A. For lost profits related to the timeliness and content presented on the site offers.

2. For the displayed information or the consequences of using other websites to which the "Helios" AD.provides a link.

3. To customers in case of lack of stock of quoted product or another product offered inability to be delivered to the customer immediately or within the agreed time.